Pretty in pink!

the psychedelic furs (1981-Talk, Talk, Talk-):

Caroline laughs and:it’s raining all day:She loves to be on of the girls:She lives in the place:In the side of our lives:Where nothing is:Ever put straight:She turns herself round:And she smiles and she says:”this is it”:”Thats the end of the joke”:And loses herself:In her dream and sleep:And her lovers walk:Through in their coats:Pretty in pink:Isn’t she:Pretty in pink:Isn’t she: All of her lovers:All talk of her notes:And the flowers:That they never sent:And wasn’t she easy:And isn’t she:Pretty in pink:The one who insists:He was first in the line:Is the last to:Remember her name:He’s walking around:In his dress.That she wore:She is gone:But the joke’s the same:Pretty in pink:Isn’t she:Pretty in pink:Isn’t she:Carline talks to you:Softly sometimes:She says:”I love you” and:”Too much”:She doesn’t have anything:You want to steal:Well:Nothing you can touch:She waves:She buttons your shirt:the traffic:Is waiting outside:She hands you:This coat:She gives you her clothes:These cars colide:Pretty in pink:Isn’t she:Pretty in pink:Isn’t she

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